Use citations research paper

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Include PMCID in Citations

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Example of a Research Paper

The term “et al.” is mainly used for in-text citations of research papers having multiple authors, although some style guidelines also advocate the use of “et al.” in the reference list.

Ethical publication emphasizes that authors should provide an inclusive list of their sources in their manuscripts. What follows is a hypothetical example of a research paper based on an experiment. How to Format a Research Paper. There are a number of sources you can turn to for research paper examples and, depending on your field of study, a plethora of potential high quality topics exist to pull your subject matter from.

The following guide contains tips on writing a research paper in Education. Term Paper: Format of Citations and References 1. Introduction. As you write your term papers, it will be important for you to document where you obtained the information cited in your report.

Use citations research paper
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