Research papers about drugs in professional sports

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Researchers with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) examined the use of substances, from energy drinks to steroids, in middle and high school students.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

In sports media, gender influences the way sports commentators and sports broadcasters depict a specific gender. Gender also impacts the amount of coverage in sports media that the gender gets.

Masculinity and Femininity is the description of a man or women’s gender identity. When playing a game, athletes and sports competitors must understand the strategies involved while following the rules and regulations of the sport. The events in which athletes compete include team sports, such as baseball, softball, hockey, and soccer, and individual sports, such as golf, tennis, swimming, and skiing.

The Pros of Doping in Sports. Physical Abilities Improvements Doping in sports can enhance your physical abilities in a short period of time. Performance enhancing drugs or steroids can increase muscle mass and provide large amount of stamina to enhance your athletic abilities and endurance.

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Research papers about drugs in professional sports
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