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Bombing of Dresden in World War II

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A Study of Dreams

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Night Terrors - Article 1 – The Sleep of School Children, its Distribution According to Age, and its Relation to Physical and Mental Efficiency This article by Terman and Hocking () gives an early look, in the ’s, at what their thoughts were about sleep terrors were, what they were caused by, and what could be done with them.

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(Update: The research was successfully completed and a company formed on the basis of the results sells a product to treat night terrors). Dec 11,  · What is a night terror?


When we think of a night terror, the first thought that comes to mind might be a nightmare. Nightmares are something that everyone has experienced and the names sound so similar.

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Night Terrors Essay, Research Paper Night Terrors Night terrors are relatively common occurrence that appears mostly in young children typically between the ages of three and five year olds.

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Night terror research paper
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