Drought hits shippers on great lakes

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Low water levels causing problems in Germany

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Ongoing Coverage of Historic Drought in U.S.

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Trump Scraps Obama Policy on Protecting Oceans, Great Lakes

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WTC Mystery Ship Age Revealed

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List of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes

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Great Lakes spending included in federal water bill

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Netherlands, more specifically Constantine, Mich. Aug 19,  · Just a couple more comments on the NSW drought. I have worked out the YTD rainfall in NSW, although this is a pretty artificial measure. This year is the fourth lowest on record, behindand (in that order).

It is easy to see why how farmers say this is the worst drought in. The biggest ice cover on North America’s Great Lakes in decades is backing up important shipping deliveries with 18 freighters currently wedged in the ice, unable to move.

And for you drought history buffs, during the drought Governor Thompson (Illinois) suggested increasing flow out of Lake Michigan and down the Illinois River to aid in navigation on the Mississippi River. Drought can also be triggered by deforestation (people cutting down forests), by global warming, and by diverting rivers or emptying lakes.

Drought is a disaster which usually takes place slowly. It is often difficult to decide when a drought started and sometimes when it ends too. Apr 10,  · Thus, if Thames Water has not prepared for an alternative source of water supply before a severe drought hit, its inaction could cost the economy around £2 billion a week!

In that context, at even the inflated costs assumed by Thames Water, a water-transfer scheme using the Thames & Severn Canal would probably pay for itself within a very few. Temperatures could hit a record low today, and gusty winds in New York could ground the Macy's Parade balloons for the first time in decades.

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Drought hits shippers on great lakes
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Higher El Nino warming risk turns up heat on drought-hit Aussie areas - Xinhua | instituteforzentherapy.com